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National Audit Projects

Moppett Review and HSRC response

 Moppett Review NAP3 and 4 - HSRC.pdf (474 KB)
 Response to Moppett Review HSRC Board.pdf (455 KB)

NAP 5: Accidental Awareness during General Anaesthesia in the UK and Ireland

NAP5 Executive Summary
 NAP5 Chapter 4 (188 KB)

NAP5 Full Report
 NAP5 full report.pdf (7.59 MB)

NAP 4: Major Complications of Airway Management in the United Kingdom

 Executive Summary (162 KB)
 Section 1 (3.12 MB)
 Section 2 (3.99 MB)
 Section 3 (1.62 MB)
 Press Release (213 KB)

NAP 3: Major Complications of Central Neuraxial Block in the United Kingdom

 NAP 3 Full Publication (6.01 MB)

NAP 2: Place of Mortality and Morbidity Review Meetings

 NAPs 1 and 2.pdf (148 KB)

NAP 1: Supervisory Role of Consultant Anaesthetists

 NAPs 1 and 2.pdf (148 KB)